Windstar Foundation

Welcome to the official website of the Windstar Foundation, wherein we discuss all of the goals, missions, and news relating to the environmental advocacy of the organization. Within our website, you can find all sorts of information and other kinds of resources that will help you out with your own environmental protection work. It is the goal of the organization to provide as much awareness for environmental issues around the world. And our organization is also dedicated to providing an environmental advocacy in the local area too.

Consider becoming a member of the Windstar Foundation if you wish to support the various kinds of environmental advocacy work that we do. With the support of our members, we are able to work towards our goals of building a more environmentally sustainable future.

Support of our Members

With the support of our members, we are able to work towards our goals of building a more environmentally sustainable future. There is currently a lot that is threatening the environment and natural resources. Climate change, rapid overconsumption, and degradation of natural resources are just some of the issues that the environment faces. And it is the goal of the Windstar Foundation to promote solutions to all of those environmental problems. This is so that the future is much brighter for the who will be living on the planet in the future.


Why Protect the Environment?

Overexploited, natural resources are becoming scarce. Around the world, biodiversity is declining. Around the world, our cities are spreading. Natural environments are degrading, species disappear. We must protect them. Human activities contribute to climate disruption and cause many types of pollution: mercury, pesticides, black and green spills, endocrine disruptors, GMOs, fine particles, nitrogen dioxide, etc. We are mobilizing against destruction and for the restoration of marine and terrestrial ecosystems.


Why Support Our Foundation?

In the face of health and environmental risks, we ensure the application of the principles of prevention, precaution, and responsibility. We defend the general interest and the citizen expression. We are committed to establishing an environmental dialogue and developing coherent policies. We demand that our country is at the forefront of the ecological transition.


What Do We Do?

We campaign locally for an environmental awareness and widespread adoption of environmentally sustainable practices. In our local circuits, eco-consumption or mobility, we promote lifestyle changes that can work towards the contribution of a sustainable environmental practice. We value new modes of production and consumption corresponding to our needs in our world for more environmentally sustainable practices. We are launching ideas to reconcile natural balances and human activities. We propose ways to adapt to and mitigate climate change. We participate in the energy transition, synonymous with reducing energy consumption, leaving fossil fuels and nuclear energy and developing renewable energies.

The Foundation

The Foundation conducts information campaigns to mobilize public opinion and challenge elected officials who are not putting the needs of the environment first. The Foundation also produces exhibitions, slideshows and publishes guides and brochures to raise public awareness of the need to protect environments and species of the world.

Through its educational activities, educational outings and the network of members, the Windstar Foundation contributes to a better knowledge of nature and its respect. Want outings or animations nature? Contact the Foundation if you wish to organize some kind of educational campaign.

What is the Land Conservation Project?

To cope with the ecological crisis and against environmental damage, we deploy all the tools of land conservation projects, from consultation procedures to legal actions. Every year, the Windstar Foundation defends the interests of the environment in more than hundreds of cases.

To better protect nature and the environment, it is essential to grasp its complexity. Present on the ground, activists, and independents, we carry out a fundamental work. Our capacity of expertise nourishes our positions. We share our knowledge so that everyone has the keys to the environmental debate; we inform the people and lead targeted awareness-raising actions. We encourage and value community involvement in any kind of project that promotes the protection of the environment.

Protection of Species:

The actions that the Windstar Foundation performs for the safeguarding of biodiversity are long-term: participation in campaigns for the protection of large mammals, preservation of threatened habitats and restoration of degraded environments, sensitization of citizens to the nature of proximity.

It is by these means that it is possible to attract, motivate, strengthen and mobilize individual and collective action to serve the biodiversity of the environment. The goal of this communication policy in the service of these communities is, therefore, to go far beyond mere dissemination to inform: it is about changing people’s perceptions of these environments and then changing their behavior.