Buying E-juice Does Not Have to Be a Hassle

07 March 18

Make no mistake about it, there are always two ways to do things in life: the easy way and the hard way. Unfortunately, when it comes to e-commerce, somehow, some way, almost everybody starts off trying to do things in the hardest way possible.

So how do you give yourself a hard time when buying anything online? Well, it’s actually quite easy. At least it looks easy at first: you don’t do any research, you just buy the first thing you find.

Thanks to Google, it’s so easy to find products on the internet. It’s so easy to just type in a target keyword and out comes a long list of online shops. Now, we all know that people really don’t bother with the second page of Google. They always focus on the first page. And I’m not talking about the whole page, as in you go from one to ten. Instead, you focus on the first or second item listed, and that’s that.

Crazy, right? In fact, it’s so crazy that according to search engine optimization specialists, over 43% of clicks go to the first result on the first page of Google. And the percentage distribution drops like a rock after that.

If, for example, your website manages to land on ranking number 8, good luck getting any traffic because most of the traffic, the lion’s share, goes to the first result. And if the searchers have any time or patience left, possibly the second or third result. Everybody else pretty much disappears.

This is why a lot of people who practice search engine optimization for both themselves or their clients are convinced that you can hide a dead body in the second page results of Google. Given how Google’s search result distribution goes, I wouldn’t doubt it.


I hope you understand why I went through all of this explanation. If you didn’t, let me spell it out for you. Just because you did a search for, let’s say, “cheap e-juice” on Google and you’ve gotten yourself a nice list of websites, don’t think that the first site that appears is the very best site. They might have top notch, crackerjack search engine optimization specialists and marketers, but that doesn’t really necessarily mean that they offer the very best product.

In this particular context, Google’s interests, as well as the interest of the website that ranked number one may not necessarily intersect with yours. In fact, in many cases, their interests are completely contrary to yours.

It’s too easy for people to just be lazy and click on the first result and be done with it. These are also the people that tend to be disappointed time and time again.

So how do you buy e-juice without it being a hassle? As you can well imagine above, you really need to have your wits about you and do quite a bit of research and know what you’re doing to get maximum value.

Well, first, you need to use the search engines, but come up with the top ten list of stores. Second, make sure that you are clear as to which e-juice flavor you’re looking for. This way, you can compare prices among the stores. You can also compare features as well as suppliers.

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. It doesn’t make any sense to, for example, search for orange-flavored e-juice on one website manufacturer X, and then compare it with e-juice offered by another website produced by manufacturer Y.

I can almost guarantee you, those two products are not going to taste the same. Why should be? They were manufactured by different companies. They are offered by different websites. The only thing they have in common is their designation as “orange flavored.”

So keep this in mind. Make sure that you compare properly. Make sure you focus on the right quality parameters. Don’t get tripped up by the low pricing. Anybody can offer low pricing, but most of these companies end up disappointing their customers. Focus on something more. Don’t let the low price sidetrack you.

Now, with that said, the price disparity between suppliers shouldn’t be so dramatic and so black and white that you end up losing a lot of money going with one provider instead of another. There has to be some sort of balance there.

Still, with everything else being equal, focus on the uniqueness of the product and make sure that you are getting the very best product from the most credible online source. Otherwise, you are pretty much taking quite a big of a chance.

It’s like you’re rolling a dice or taking shots in the dark. It’s anybody’s guess whether you will get the kind of product that would deliver on your expectations. So do yourself a big favor and be more proactive when looking for products to buy on the internet.

As awesome as Google is, you really can’t trust it as far as the first three results are concerned. The people behind those companies may just be good at search engine optimization, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they offer the very best product that would ensure satisfaction on your part.

You have to be more proactive. You have to focus on the big picture, and this means visiting all the websites possibly on the first and second pages of your Google results.

The good news to this is that once you have found a reliable source that is able to deliver high-quality products time and time again, you don’t have to search anymore.

So think of it as an investment. It may take you a couple of hours or so to find the right provider at first. However, once you have found that provider, you can keep coming back and rest assured that you will not be disappointed because you will get the same quality product over and over again.

This is how you should play the game, otherwise, you’re just basically running the risk of being ripped off or disappointed. It’s not uncommon for people looking for the right vape juice or e-juice to go on in circles and try website after website and continue to fail. They’re still vaping, but they’re not exactly happy with the juice that they are using.

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