The Mission and Goals of the Windstar Foundation:

The mission of the Windstar foundation is simple. It is to inspire others to make more responsible choices as it concerns the environment and other kinds of related things. Individuals should not only make more responsible choices they have got to have direct action in order to achieve a future that is more environmentally sustainable and ecologically balanced. It is the Windstar Foundation’s vision that the world will become more in harmony with nature. People should see themselves as part of the complex system of nature and life in general.

It is through the work of this foundation that the cultural, economic, political and other kinds of globally related issues become more part of the everyday lives of people. This is why the Windstar foundation is pushing hard for everyone to become more environmentally conscious and active in their respective environmental movements. After all, the current state of the planet is in dire straits. If no one will take action, then the future is not too bright anymore. It is up to each and everyone one of us to reached towards a brighter future by working on a more environmentally sustainable present.

Goals of the Windstar Foundation:

-Promoting a more holistic method of addressing various kinds of environmental issues as they relate to other global issues. This is done through the understanding and current respect for the needs of others and the self-respect that humans should naturally have for the environment.

-Inspiring people to work towards a more environmentally sustainable future and becoming more active in general when it comes to environmental work. It is up to the current individuals in the present to work towards that goal since without the concern of individuals it would be impossible to try and sustain that goal. The Windstar foundation seeks to inspire more people when it comes to seeing themselves as part of the interconnected system of life on the planet.

-Helping others stay committed to improving the environment and the general state of the planet. The Windstar foundation seeks to create a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone on this Earth. And it seeks to do that from the ground up with the environmental advocacy programs that it has got.

-Creating more opportunities for people to gain the necessary knowledge and experiences that will help them to stay committed to environmentally sustainable work. There are a ton of various actions and decisions that can be encouraged with the right kinds of opportunities and the Windstar foundation will actively seek out to provide those sorts of opportunities.

These are all of the goals of the Windstar foundation. With the various programs that the Windstar foundation has got in place, it is the hope of its members that it will be able to encourage the widespread growth of more holistic environmentally friendly practices, and that these sorts of environmentally conscious practices will spread throughout more people as well. With the various members that share the same goal, the Windstar foundation believes that it is on course to achieving its mission.