Why should you practice holistic environmentally conscious methods?

So why should individuals focus on preserving the environment anyway? Why should more people try and work towards adopting the methods that are advocated by the Windstar Foundation? Well, there are actually numerous reasons in which it is more prudent to support the environmental movement. Here are some of the various kinds of reasons why it would be smart to become more environmentally sustainable.


Reducing energy consumption is a financial and environmental challenge:

Financial stakes: in a context of economic and social crisis and rising energy prices, 2 in 3 people around the world believe that their energy bills represent a significant part of the household’s total expenditure.

Environmental challenge: the scarcity of resources, the increase in the average temperature of the planet and pollution are sources of concern.

To save energy and reduce my bills, people must first and foremost adopt economical, easy to implement the right kinds of environmentally friendly behaviours and practices.

Moral imperative:

In the context of the morals of humanity, it is important that the environment is preserved. If not for the current generation, it is only for the future generations that will inherit the planet. If there is no adoption of environmentally safe practices in the present, then they will not have a planet that they can sustainably live on in the future.

Environmental future: It is for the future of humanity, that in the present more people should try and become more conscious about the various kinds of things that they do that can affect the environment.

Financial future: At the current rate of natural resource destruction, there will be nothing left in the future anymore. And it is because of that, more people should try and preserve the natural resources in the present to have a more secure financial future.


In general, the cost of energy is steadily increasing in all countries. Households, like communities, have no choice but to change the budget they allocate in the same way. A fairly simple observation proves very well how this increase has a strong impact on purchasing power: fuel poverty. The latter refers to households that allocate some of their income to energy consumption and/or that under-heat their homes, to the detriment of their health. To alleviate this problem, the Windstar Foundation has set up aids to improve the energy performance of housing.

It is obvious that energy is not created by itself. For it to exist, resources are used and the stock of the latter is the empty year after year in an inexorable way, while the demand, it continues to increase. In 2011, a study was conducted to determine the remaining years of production of certain resources that are destined to disappear. For oil, there remained 46 years of production before it was completely exhausted, and for gas, there were 59. Today, therefore, they remain respectively 40 and 53 years for these two resources before their exhaustion, and again, provided that production remains stable. Thus, the Windstar Foundation promotes the reducing consumption and reliance of fossil fuels in order to have a more sustainable future.